Great Gift Ideas For Your Elderly Loved Ones

The calendar has ticked over to yet another year and we all know how fast time flies, so that means everybody has a birthday coming up sooner or later. Finding the perfect gift for an elderly family member or friend can be challenging. Many times, comfort, practicality and improvement in quality of life outweighs novelty when picking a gift for an elderly loved one.


Gifts of time and companionship can be even more valuable than something tangible, but if you would like something beautiful to accompany your presence, or if you can't get to your mum, dad, grandmother or grandfather on their special day, here are some gift ideas for you!

Assistive Devices

Independence is a thing that seniors - and everyone else, for that matter - tend to value very highly. Maintaining independence promotes a sense of achievement that, for many old people, generates a great sense of self-worth. The key to maintaining a senior’s independence is to keep them safe, and one of the basic areas to ensure safety in is their home.

For seniors who have difficulty bending or limited mobility, the bathroom is probably the most dangerous room of the house. Bathroom accessories like bathtub grips can provide a sense of security when using the shower.

There are several types of grips you can get, but some of the best ones are those that lock over the sides of the bathtub. Unlike other grab bars that use suction cups for attachment, the ones that clamp into the bathtub will not slip out of position.

The bathtub grab bar from Medline has a padded cushion, so it can be tightened very firmly, and will not scratch or chip any bathtubs. Although it looks like it’s made from plastic, it’s actually steel so it won't bend or break. The sturdy metal can support up to 110 kilograms.


Assistive devices don’t stop at the bathroom, the kitchen is often referred to as the heart of the house, but it can be a dangerous place for our ageing loved ones. While cooking fires happen to people of all ages, older adults are at a higher risk.

Cooktops are most frequently implicated in kitchen accidents as elderly people are a little more likely to forget to turn burners off after removing pans, leave food unattended on the burner or lose track of cooking times. Others that have arthritis of Parkinson’s disease can easily spill food and ignite a fire. This makes an induction cooktop another practical gift idea for seniors.


The elderly will appreciate the safety factor of induction cooking since there are no open flames which means nothing will catch fire. Also, with induction cooking, there is no direct heating of the cooktop surface, only the pot gets hot, so spilled food will never burn. This also makes it very easy to clean. Another big positive is that these cooktops actually cook faster than gas and electric cooktops which saves both energy and money.

Organising Medications

An inexpensive way to help an older loved one remain healthy and independent is to support them in taking their daily medication. Managing medications can be a challenge for many older people, especially when certain prescriptions must be taken at a specific times throughout the day.

This task can be even more daunting for people with multiple prescriptions who often end up taking many medications at the same time. The more medications they use, the more likely they are not to remember to take them all. Even the most spritely of people find it easy to forget medications, so imagine what it’s like for the elderly!


A gift that can help simplify medication management, giving peace of mind and maximising independence is a pill organiser. They come in a variety of styles, from daily to monthly storage options and a variety of sizes.

Helping with Groceries

An interesting gift option for elderly people who have everything is a voice-activated grocery and errand list organiser. Sometimes, people forget things. An organiser can be very helpful.

The Smartshopper Grocery List Organiser is a device that records your items, sorts them into separate categories and then prints a paper list that you can take with you to the store. A person simply has to press a button and say what they need to purchase.


The sorting option can be very useful for seniors because everything they need for each are from each area in the grocery store can be grouped together which means no more aimless wandering to find items.

Another handy feature is the magnetic back which allows one to keep the organiser on the fridge door for convenience. The device has over two thousand items in its database, even everyday errands so that seniors can keep on top of things.

Staying in Touch

Staying in touch is easier than ever nowadays, but because many people are so wrapped up in work and family demands, they don’t always take the time to keep in contact with the elderly, who often don’t use computers and social media.

Talking or writing to elderly parents or grandparents on a regular basis is important for their emotional health. Feeling alone and isolated can increase their risk of depression and anxiety. This is especially true for seniors who may be dealing with various health issues or who are challenged physically.


Make your elderly loved one a pen pal, and gift them a lovely letterset or maybe even one for them, and one for you so that you can keep in touch when you’re not visiting. KiKi K offers some beautiful letter writing equipment so that your letters can look as beautiful as they read!

Better Sleep

Quality sleep plays a vital role in good health and wellbeing. In fact, sleep is as essential as food and creating healthy sleeping patterns is just as important as eating right. Unfortunately, some of the most common problems the older generation experience are insomnia and sleep issues.


An awesome gift that can help them deal with sleeping disorders is a sleep sound machine. These machines play calming nature sounds that help people fall asleep faster, relax or block out distracting noises. Since audio quality is an important part of masking distracting sounds, it is better to get a sleep machine with good speakers. Sound Oasis are reputable manufacturers of quality sleep machines. Give your elderly loved one the gift of a peaceful night's sleep.


Finding the perfect gift for an elderly family member or friend is challenging, but with this list it may be a little bit easier! Give your senior loved one a gift that they didn't even know they needed with these creative gift ideas.