Benefits of Social Interaction for Elderly

An often-overlooked factor that affects the health of an elderly person is the chance for social interaction. It’s something we all do from the moment we can talk but as we grow older we may find ourselves alone and so the amount we socialise decreases dramatically. When caring for an elderly parent, it is essential that they are encouraged to join social activities they enjoy to connect with others who share the same interests.

Here are just some of the benefits of social interaction for seniors:

  • Increased quality of life: By doing an activity that they enjoy, seniors develop a sense of purpose and belonging. In turn, this encourages them to create new relationships and strengthen existing ones.
  • Improved mental health: A 2013 study found that 90% of the elderly participants indicated that social activities at senior centres contributed to their emotional well being and for 85% it helped them relieve stress.
  • Increased cognitive functions: Keeping the mind active is crucial for elderly people and has numerous benefits, such as improving one’s memory and decreasing the chance of developing Alzheimer’s. A great way to keep the mind active is by spending time with people socialising and doing activities like craft, chess or simply laughing.
  • Decreased chance of depression: Partaking in social activities with others is a way for the elderly to have fun and gives them something to look forward to, which in turn reduces negative feelings that can develop in times of isolation.

At Palm Lake Care we strive to create a dynamic lifestyle for your elderly parent through providing a range of activities to participate in. These include indoor bowls, gentle exercise, bingo, crafts and hobbies, a dance floor, bocce and cards and games. Through our care and activity programs we ensure that all residents are cared for in a comfortable environment that they can really enjoy.

To create a sense of community, each aged care facility offers a coffee lounge, theatre, outdoor living spaces and numerous chances to enjoy live entertainment. Our lovely staff and existing residents create a wonderful community spirit. There is also the option for couples to share living spaces so they can remain together.

If your elderly parent is living by themselves either with a carer or yourself dropping in regularly, they may not be getting the necessary, enjoyable social interaction required to obtain the benefits. You may like to discuss moving into a Palm Lake Care aged care facility where you can be confident that they will be socially active and well looked after with 24/7 care always nearby. We offer a range of aged care level options to suit the needs and lifestyle of your loved one.

If you are interested don’t hesitate to contact us on 1800 246 677 or fill out our online enquiry form today.